Local brewer uses local apples for new cider

This article is from MtShastaNews.

The Mt. Shasta Brewing Company will have its new special cider made with local apples on top in time for this Thursday night's "Brewgrass" event.

Head brewer Vince Wedelstedt said 268 pounds of apples were used to make 15 gallons of the cider, dubbed "Scrumpy."

The cider apples came from trees in Mt. Shasta Brewing Company owner Vaune Dillmann's yard, as well as from bartender Sara O'Meara, Wedelstedt said. Mount Shasta's Matt Falconer provided the press.

Brewgrass is a weekly acoustic music event put on by the Weed Arts Council each Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Weed Alehouse.

Wedelstedt, who came to Weed from Green Bay, Wis. four months ago to take the head brewer position, has made some changes to the brewery's recipes. He said he developed a one-time-only vanilla creme oatmeal oak-aged "recession brew" ale for people on a budget. "Once this is gone, it's gone."

Also new is the brewery's Jalapeno Weed Ale, which packs a spicy punch. It was released on Jan. 4.

The recipe for Abner Weed Ale has been changed slightly, and feedback has been good, Wedelstedt said.

He's hoping to win some gold medals at the California Craft Brewers competition with the Russian Imperial "Stout of Jefferson" brew, which is contains 8.5 percent alcohol content by volume.

Wedelstedt was hired for the job after a long application process, he said. Though he had opportunities at other breweries, including those in Silverton, Colo., and St. Petersburg, Fla., he decided on Weed because he believes the Brewery has a lot of potential.

Wedelstedt said he's been talking to Aaron Greener of Dunsmuir Brewery Works about a special collaborative brew.

He said he enjoys working with brewer Billy Shaver, as well as staff members Stephanie Shaver, Stacy Horning, Corina Williams, Angie Coffman and O'Meara.

"We're like a close family," Wedelstedt said.

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