Cider Categories Added at International Brewing Awards

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Our managing editor Kristin is crazy about cider, and she's always fighting to convert the masses that cider is the superior beverage. We keep telling her to rest assured that the rest of the world will soon catch up, and that this year is cider's time to shine. What gives us that idea? It could have something to do with a gut feeling, or it could have something to do with the fact that we keep seeing quality cider companies starting to pop up at beer festivals and food events. Here's yet another point which has us thinking that cider's comeuppance is more than just a hunch: today the International Brewing Awards announced that it will be adding two new categories for ciders at its 2013 competition.

According to the release, the new categories were added as a response to a markedly rising interest in ciders and requests from brewers and cidermakers who wish to compete. The two categories added are specifically apple cider, and then cider incorporating other fruits, juices, or flavors. This brings the total number of categories judged up to eleven, and chair of judges Bill Taylor notes that this wasn't a decision that was arrived at lightly.

"The judging committee thought long and hard before introducing the cider categories," said Taylor in the press release. "We believe the introduction of cider reflects market changes and maintains links with the traditions of the competition, which originally included beverages other than beer. The International Brewing Awards hold a unique reputation within the global brewing industry and we needed to be completely sure that any changes will preserve the integrity and relevance of the competition."

Do you brew a delicious cider (or know of someone else who does)? Those interested can register to compete at the International Brewing Awards website starting on August 1.

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