'Cheeky' Main Ridge cider hits the streets big-time

Article from Peninsula Weekly.

The soaring popularity of cider in Australia has led to the production of the country's first mulled cider by Main Ridge winery Rebello.

Just launched, the cider has been snapped up by major retailers Woolworths Liquor, Dan Murphy, BWS, Vintage Cellars and other premium liquor outlets in every state.

Winery owners Matt and Ruth Gallace say their latest offering is the result of traditional wine-making techniques handed down through generations then mixed with a healthy disrespect for rules on how wines, liqueurs and ciders made from real fruit should taste.

Mulled over: Winemaker Wayne Hewett and Matt and Ruth Gallace celebrate their latest creation.

The limited edition Cheeky Rascal was created by a team headed by senior winemaker and brewer Wayne Hewett and is packed with cinnamon, star anise, orange, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla beans and allspice berry.

"It's like a mouth-watering burst of hot toasty apple pie or steamy poached pear crumble," Mrs Gallace said.

"Mulled cider has been around for centuries but getting the recipe right and then putting it together in a spice bag which can simply be dropped in a perfectly complemented cider has never been done in this country."

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