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Sidra, Cider & Food

Found this great article on Spanish cider, or should I say 'sidra' while surfing around looking for information on the Spanish style of making and serving.

When I was in Asturias last year we visited a number of sidreria and it is encouraging to see the connection between food and sidra, whether tapas, or a full meal.

That got me thinking then more generally about food and cider together.... (mmm, there are worse things to think about)! Is there a universal link between certain foods and cider, or are there more local traditions specific to a certain area. I think the common associations are pork and cider, or cheese and cider.

When I was in Frankfurt earlier this year, I was intorduced to 'Handkäse mit Musik'. if you haven't had the pleasure of trying this, then I can only suggest you seek it out if you are in Frankfurt, mainly for the interesting experience this gives your senses; firstly as you smell the pungent aroma, and secondly as the strong flavours of the sour milk cheese in vinegar topped with raw onions hit your taste buds.

So now the search continues for other culinary matches for cider, and some interesting traditional cider recipes...!