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Who put the 'Craft' into ICCF?

We did, the organisers! What it means is that this festival only showcases 'pure juice' ciders and perries. 'Pure Juice' means exactly what it says, just apple juice, no added water.

It seems odd to add any water at all. But the larger cidermakers, those that produce the national brands, feel that they have to. To be fair to them, it is hard to make a consistent product without adding water. When you make craft cider, every barrel is different, and this is all part of the attraction. Blending can iron out major differences, but the mass-market demands a bland product that is exactly the same time after time. Little surprise then that some global cider brands contain less than 50% juice, often made from imported apple concentrate, with the difference made up with water, sugar, and all manner of other additives.

But what of our overseas cousins? The craft producers from France, Spain and Germany are even more fanatical about pure juice than us. When I spoke to the President of the Basque cidermakers, through an interpreter, he told me that 'we don't add any rubbish like water or sugar'.

I've always believed that Welsh cider should align itself with the pure juice ethos of our continental chums, and that is why the Welsh Perry and Cider Society is a pure juice society, and why the PDO status that we are applying for has pure juice as a qualification.

So, what would you prefer to drink? A natural and pure product hand-crafted in small batches by artisans, or a mass-produced industrial chemical cocktail? At the ICCF you can be sure that you will make the right choice every time!